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Excellent bike fit with Matt, would definitely recommend. Matts knowledge and experience is fantastic and great to tap in to. Only small adjustments were made but it has made a massive difference in my riding and comfort whilst on the bike. The biggest gain I noticed was when I was trying to put more power down i.e a sprint. Seems so much easier. I will be returning to Matt again in the future for a more aggressive bike fit for racing when my fitness levels come up with Matt through his 121 wattbike coaching sessions. Thanks Matt and can't wait for the next session. - Matty Edmonds

I had a basic bike fit and I couldn't be happier. Matt started with with me riding on the turbo and seeing how I was already set up, within seconds Matt identified that my saddle was too high. Once the saddle height was sorted he adjusted my cleats and checked my knee position, Matt noticed one of my feet slightly pointed in at the heel so off with the shoes and adjustments made to the cleats again. From there Matt checked everything was aligned and gave me advice on my knee position while pedalling. Excellent service and a great set up, I would recommend this to anyone unsure if there bike is set up correctly. Also great value for money thanks again Matt. - Raymond McCaughey

I went looking to get fitted to a wattbike as I was experiencing knee pain when training... all I can say is Matt was very helpful,welcoming and knowledgeable... after an hour he had me in my optimal position to train...I will be going back for training and racing tips... big thank you to Matt - Adam Mc

Matt will help you reach your cycling goals all you need to do is to listen to the advice he gives which comes from his vast cycling experience 
Can't recommend enough - Robert Goult

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    Cancellation and Refund Policy

    If, after a booking has been made, an individual session needs to be cancelled and Flat Out Cycle Coaching are given more than 24 hours’ advance notice of the cancellation, Flat Out Cycle Coaching will endeavour to fulfil the missed session at a mutually convenient day/ time. If this is not possible, a refund will be given for that session.


    If an individual session is cancelled within 24 hours of it being due to take place, the cost of that session will not be refundable. If it was not paid for in advance, the cost of the session will be payable and should be paid for within 7 days of the scheduled session.


    If you are booking a group of bookings (i.e. Kids Into Cycling etc), only payment in full will be accepted and no refunds will be due on this type of booking due to limited placements. 


    If Flat Out Cycle Coaching need to cancel any individual or group bookings, this will be done at the earliest opportunity and an alternate date will be offered in the first instance, if this is not suitable a full refund will by applied to individual sessions and in part for a group of bookings.